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Regulation before and after delivery


Before delivery our wood floors.

Make sure that the building where our wood floors would be installed are completed, including all moisture or water related works such as masonry, tlles, plastering, wall painting, plumbing, gutters etc.

All openings should also already be completed (roof; windows; doors). As a rule-of-thumb, ready-made wood flooring should be one of the last items delivered and installed in the building.

Any concrete sub-floor must be completely cured and dried (8~12 weeks old), with minimum surface temperature of 15º C (60º F) and maximum moisture-content of 2% dry-weight basis. The ideal relative humidity in the room should be 45-60%.

A moisture test is required using either the Calcium Chloride method or an acceptable moisture meter.

Climate controlled storage-space before delivery ensures protection and stability of the product.

At delivery and after delivery our wood floors.

Parquet must be stored in protected dry place. Allow at least 10 cm (± 4 inch) space under pallets or cartons for air space and circulation.

Never open boxes before installation.

Particularly during wintertime, parquet in their original, unopened boxes must be acclimatized to the room temperature for at least 10 days prior to installation.

Room temperature must be between 15-21 degree Celsius and Air Humidity 45-60%.

Recommended 7 days acclimatization in the room that parquet will be installed except winter.