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The Monticello pattern (Monticello is Italian for "little mountain") is a classic French pattern from the Baroque period. It was made popular in the United States by Thomas Jefferson who, when visiting France in 1760 was inspired by this parquet pattern design. Later on he built his Virginian mansion and named it after this wood parquet pattern that he used for the flooring in his home.

Monticello is made of a centre square block and four borders all around cut at a 45-degree angle and can be set either square or in diagonal. For a genuine Monticello pattern it is essential to respect width proportions, we can manufacture those panels in different sizes respecting width proportions for each block.
The Monticello parquet pattern as originally drawn by Thomas Jefferson himself, circa 1803, for Monticello. The original of this drawing is in the Coolidge Collection of Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts at the Massachusetts Historical Society.
There is a wide variety of patterns including rhombs, monaco, Monticello all imitating some of those early Baroque floors. These look particulary stunning when stained a dark walnut color and a silky smooth finish is appied to bring out the 3D effect of these floors.


Length: 420mm
Width: 70mm
Thickness: 21mm
Type of wood: Oak & Walnut Solid, On request can be made engineered

Different sizes on request:

Can be ordered in different finishes: brushed, hand scraped, beveled, smooth, tumbled

Aprox. delivery time: 4 - 9 weeks, depends on order
Sample available on request on charge (delivery time for samples 1 - 3 weeks)

On request we provide: delivery, installation, materials