Parquet Versailles Specialist


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Unique parquet tiles for highest Demands


Unusual ways of design combinations can be experienced with the completely new range of design Parquet tiles. From modern to classic, handscrafted, intentionally to look antique or combined with a furniture mix of different styles Expert Parchet Design tiles offer you a different way of living. These special tiles can be installed floating or glued down. They are also suitable for installation on hot water floor heating systems.

Our design tiles are produced in caring handwork to exclusive designs with using only most precious wood species. All tiles will be delivered ready for installation.
Our design parquet creates a special atmosphere in every room - at home, in a boutique, in your office or in lobbies as well as in meeting rooms in hotels or residences.


atrium line

1 Atrium Line 

2 Atrium Old Style Brushed

2 Atrium Old Style  Brushed

3 Concorde Line3

3 Concorde Line

4 Concorde2 2

4 Concorde 2

GPOS Eiche nat quer

5 Grand Palais Old Style

Imperial Eiche classic

6 Imperial

Klessheim larch

7 Klessheim

LittleStar 02 Palisander

8 Little Star

Royal Star Oak, Star in Ash and Walnut

9 Royal Star 3C

Villa Eiche Golden klein

10 Villa

Montana Artisan Asymetric gealtert

11 Montana

KentuckyTeakActiveOxidativeOilBlackPutty R

12 Kentucky