Parquet Versailles Specialist


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We are Traditional Versailles and French Style  Parquet Manufacturer based in Transilvania .

In our range of wood floor products you can find: style parquet  panels, classic parquet,  end grain, distressed wood floors ,distressed  panels or bespoke  parquet panels (different aging techniques, ready finished parquet panels, versailles panels brushed, versailles tumbled, versailles panels smoked or structured panels) etc.

Some are seeing a rise in demand for French Versailles panels, whilst us  we have made a specialty of it.

The fact Is that these floors are not every day floors, so they tend to make their away mainly to exclusive homes. We are not talking only about renovation of an old house with an old Versailles parquet panels or a new Versailles parquet in a old house, we talk also about modern and contemporary new buildings with Versailles pattern design. The fact that most of these panels are tailor-made make them even more exclusive floor design.

Our special product is Versailles parquet panels from old oak reclaimed (recycled) or new oak.

Also this old oak and new oak is available for other French parquet pattern as: Chevron parquet (Point de hongrie) , Chantilly, Soubise, Small Versailles, Louvre, Marie Antoinette, D'Aremberg, Bespoke flooring, Monticello, Bordeaux, Chenonceau, Frederiksborg, Herringbone parquet,  Dutch parquet, Solid oak flooring, Antique oak flooring etc.

Versailles parquet panels fitting  is a job for high professional  installers that the reason that on demand we do also install in all EU for our Versailles parquet panels and all our other wood floor products.

This type of parquet fitting is part of a parquet floor fitter’s training. However we are perfectly prepared to give individual advice for each project, even on site on client expense.

All the events, the best way to fit Versailles panels is full glued on cement  floor or nailed down on wood boards or beams.

For more information on our parquet floor or other floor sell by EXPERT PARCHET SRL. please contact us or surf on our website .