Parquet Versailles Specialist


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1.BRITTANY old oak paris 2014

Soubise Old Oak Pannels - Paris 2013

2.Soubise oak floorng London

Soubise Oak Flooring - Chelsea London 2013 

4.Oak Soubise flooring London

Soubise Oak Parquet - Romania 2012

Oak Flooring Bath

1. Soubise Bath

Oak Flooring Bristol copy

2. Soubise Bristol

Oak Flooring Cantebury

3. Soubise Cantebury

Oak Flooring Cardiff

4. Soubise Cardiff

Oak Flooring Dublin

5. Soubise Dublin

Versailles New Oak Panel

6. Soubise New Oak Panel

Oak Flooring Newquay

7. Soubise Newquay

Oak Flooring Norwich

8. Soubise Norwich

Versailles Nouveau chêne

9. Soubise Nouveau Chene

Oak Flooring York

10. Soubise oak York

Oak Flooring Oxford

11. Soubise Oxford

Oak Flooring Edinburgh

12. Soubise Edinburgh

Oak Flooring Gloucester

13. Soubise Gloucester

Oak Flooring Kent

14. Soubise Kent

Oak Flooring Reading

15. Soubise Reading

A very unusual parquet coming directly from a home in Brittany. An old ebenist of the area from which this parquet originates is quite confident that this wood was harvested in the Forest of Troncais due to the very few knots visible in the graining. The forest was originally comprised of black oak and dates thousands of years. But starting in the 1600’s, the French Navy implanted Beech trees to promote very straight growth. The straightest trees were used as masts in King Louis XIV’s navy while other woods were used for different parts of the ships.