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How to choose parquet glue


How to choose you glue?

For example the choice of glue is partly influenced by the nature and flatness of the substrate, the proprieties and dimension of the parquet floor itself , the sort of wood, width of parquet floor, the thickness of wood floor, type of floorboard (massive parquet, engineered parquet floor, solid wood, multi layer parquet floor etc.) and the fact of whether or not the parquet floor  is finished.

The presence of floor heating or cooling also plays an important part in the choice of glue.

Depending on the elements of parquet, a glue may or may not be elastic, and within the elastic category we can identify several variants.


Solid glue or flexible glue

Solid adhesive have high snap resistance and low elasticity. The strong adhesion and solidarity mean this glue will put more pressure on the substrate as the wood floor swells and shrinks. And so you need a substrate with high cohesion.

Solid glue are meant to counteract the movements of the floor and they posses great mechanical and physical properties. If you want to permit the wood to swell and shrink you have to use an elastic parquet glue or flexible parquet glue, which can absorb the tensile strength  of the substrate and the parquet floor covering.

Please always to check with us if glue that you will use is good for you job?