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  • 4.Marie Antoinette parquet golden oiled
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Named after Marie Antoinette the wife of Louis XIV, this pattern unlike Grand Versailles, doesn’t have a frame. It is constituted of a central square block and surrounded by overlapped stripes that we repeat all over the room. Each block is installed separately, which requires a highly skilled installer. This pattern is also referred to as basket weave.

Marie Antoinette had at Versailles a series of small private rooms behind her "State Apartment". The Gilt Room was the largest and it was here that the queen retired with her children and her ladies-in-waiting. This sumptuous room was fitted out according to the plans drawn up by the queen’s personal architect Richard Mique, while the Rousseau brothers began in late 1783 to carve the new wood panelling which illustrates perfectly her taste for the “return to antiquity” in this large inner room.
This antique-style decor also served as a setting for the personal collections of Marie Antoinette: precious furniture varnished with Japanese lacquer, a collection of objects mounted on hardstone and lacquered boxes left to her by the Empress Maria Theresa. The complete restoration of the room was carried out and completed in 2006, after the repainting and re-gilding of the wood panelling, the parquet, the door and window frames. 

Length: 800 mm
Width: 800 mm
Thickness: 20mm
Type of wood: New Oak
Finish color: Golden Oak, varnish matt, Available in other colors

Different sizes on request:

Can be ordered in different finishes: brushed, hand scraped, beveled, smooth, tumbled

Aprox. delivery time: 4 - 9 weeks, depends on order
Sample available on request on charge (delivery time for samples 1 - 3 weeks)

On request we provide: delivery, installation, materials