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Installation of wood floor panels


Basic regulations -preparation for install

The floor must be dry (maximum 1.7% water content according CM measuring method for under floor heating screed or 2.0% water for normal screed without under floor heating.

Screed must be even (maximum tolerance of the screed 2.0mm at 2 ml.) If the underneath floor Is uneven, damaged or with higher water moisture than maximum level Is absolute necessary to repair it according to the appropriate standard. When use self-level compound minimum class is C25 F6 (Please contact us for recommendations). The materials used for this must meet standards for wood flooring install !!

If the screed don’t meet the norms regarding quality and moisture you must use Primer for hard the screed or like moisture barrier. (Ex. PU resin or epoxy resin.)

It Is important to keep expansion gaps to walls, colons, heating pipe, balcony doors and stone or tile floors, etc. Almost all our Design parquet panels can be used on under floor heating (ex. Beech). Please note the appropriate regulation!

Depending on the pattern you want to install , straight or diagonal, you have to calculate the appropriate quantity of the material (parquet panels), normally allow 5-8% more for straight install of tiles and 10-15% more for diagonal install of tiles. Please be aware that the blends are  Equal on both sides.

Store the parquet flooring

Store parquet in it’s original  packing at least 5-7 days in the room where you want to install  the floor panels at  temperature 18-22 degree Celsius and 45-60% moisture in air measured with a Hygrometer.

Open the packages only shortly before the installation (same day of install).During and after install period keep in rooms 17-20 degree Celsius and 45-60% moisture in air!!!

For floating installation

Use a moisture barrier underneath the parquet panels.  Glue should be used for the  groove of very parquet panels. Installation has to start from the center of the room or a corner according to the drawing. For floating installation of floor panels the length and width should not exceed 10 meters (note the expansion gap ). Use an appropriate boarder profile and adapter profile to cover the expansion gaps. Use the tapping board only on the tongue. Sort the content of the packages according to your choice. Make sure that every pattern consisting of two or four pieces will be put together properly. Design Parquet Tiles is produced from wood with natural grain, minor production differences and little mistakes demonstrate that this floor tiles are really handmade. Sort and check the material before installation and mix the different tiles according to your taste. We recommend to use floor tiles with little damages and strong grain under the furniture, at the ends where will be cut off.

For Glue down installation

When glue  the parquet tiles recommended to use silan glue, 2K epoxy-polyurethane or mono component  PU glue .

We recommend to use glue for parquet wood floors from MAPEI range or Murexin range

For glue down install  panels must be full glued not in points.

Direct glue recommended for large rooms!

Check the appropriate installation instructions provided by the glue manufacturer.