Our traditional French Versailles parquet wood floors just as in the past are made according to the old French method, the elements are combined with tongue and groove with no adhesive, just like the real parquets that appeared in France in the XVII century. We create our parquet products with care for History, Nature and Traditional methods. Each work piece is unique made with care by our craftsmen, definitely showing the highest standards of quality and valuable finish. In our range of historical traditional parquet you can find: Versailles panels, Chantilly panels, Bourbon panels, Petit Marly panels, D’Aremberg or Aremberg panels, Brittany panels, Marie Antoinette panels, Chenonceau panels, Small Versailles panels, Tivoli panels, Frederiksborg panels, Bordeaux panels, Viennese cross pattern, Chateau pattern, Herringbone, Chevron pattern, Hungarian Point parquet, Monticello pattern, Louvre pattern, Gaelic parquet, Petit Jerdi panels, Windsor panel, Oxford panel, Florence panel or other custom parquet panels. We can do our parquet panels to be vintage parquet floor, oak smoked, distressed floors, saw marks, brushed, hard brushed, wood nailed, tumbled, relief floor parquet, sandblasted, beveled, V-shape, antique, differences in relief, oxidative wood or other finishing methods on request... Our products are made from our selected wood such as: oak, old oak recycled (recuperated from old buildings 50-200 years old), walnut, acacia steamed, elm, ash, cherry, or many other wood species on demand. Most important Is that we do install of all our products on request at very good rates with our high skilled installers and best professional materials for install this quality luxury traditional wood floors.

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Traditional French Versailles Parquet

  Brochures & Catalogues of Our Parquet Floors

4 Seasons Engineered Bauwerk Art Work 2013 Castle Old Floorboards Design Parquet Panels Engineered Parquet Floor Love for Detail Parquet Scale Silverline Wide Parquet Traditional Versailles Floor Vintage Edition
Prime Old Grey
Ultra Mat Varnish
Design Line
Decking Oil
Floorservice Overmat
Mapei Ultracoat Brochure
Eco Prim PU 1K
Ultrabond P902 2K
Ultrabond P990 1K
Ultracoat High Traffic
Ultracoat Oil
Murexin Bonding
Bauwerk Maintenance
Maintenance Oil
Floorboy XL300
Parquet Cleaning
Care & Parquet Floors
Floor Heating & Parquet
Dimensional & Stability
Parquet Selection Criteria
Epoxy & Polyurethane Glue
Soundproofing for glued parquet
French Versailles Parquet Panels
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Laying Rules for Parquet Tiles
Self Level Compond for Wood Floor Install
How to store you Parquet
Conditions of Guarantee for Our Wood Floors
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