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Solidfloor Piet Boon (b.1958) utilised his background in construction to become one of the most high profile Dutch designers. He began his career as a building contractor and master craftsman, with a passion for natural materials and signature details. Piet Boon® was founded in 1983 by the world renowned Dutch designer and master craftsman of the same name. The international design company has developed to become a global luxury lifestyle brand, with both residential and corporate clients in 46 countries around the world.

Concept & Collection

The concept of Piet Boon® Flooring by Solidfloor has been developed according to his vision for contemporary living. The collection is functional, timeless and durable.It is clearly visible in the robust, square groove and colour palette which is based on a specially developed oil. The collection consists of 5 different styles, available in eight colours, suitable for any interior.

Our floors have a strong oak top layer and can be used in combination with floor heating and cooling systems. The carefully selected wooden boards have few knots, giving them a pure and balanced look. Plank features few knots and has a sturdy appearance.

The flooring colours have been selected by Piet Boon® to match his signature sophisticated palette. Light brushing of the wood enhances its natural characteristics and colours. Maintenance is easy: occasional soaping of the floor and an annual reapplication of oil are sufficient for maintaining the appearance.

Piet Boon@ flooring by Solidfloor™

Solidfloor - Piet Boon flooring

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